To Make Meaningful

As I reflect on my life I am noticing that my most memorable experiences of joy are single moments within a day, an event or a simple activity. My vivid recollection tells me with certainty that I was present and deeply engaged in those moments. The details around the edges of those moments are unclear and that’s ok. That day on the beach with my friend is punctuated only by the memory of the warmth of the sun on my back as I knelt in the sand, the grains sticking to my knee so that I had to go into the water to wash them off, the red pail we used to build the castle and most of all the feeling that my ten-year-old world and everything in it was perfect.

The only thing that makes that day unique from all the other beach days of my childhood is that I felt expansive and focused at the same time.

The gift of engaging is that as you notice the nuggets of gold within the routine and the extraordinary of your life. It is the key to finding meaning.

I am choosing to engage in sharing my moments with you. I am hoping they lead you to discover your own nuggets.

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