Claim Energy and Ownership

To empower oneself or another is to assume ownership and responsibility for feelings, words and actions. We are so often threatened by power thieves that include people in our lives, social media and our own inner dialogue. Their actions and messages are designed to diminish energy and self-confidence, to silence our voice, to deny our feelings. Sadly, for so many, it works. We unconsciously relinquish our power and become puppets, victims, and the disenfranchised.

What if we develop an awareness of who the power thieves are in our lives, what social media messages are judgemental and detrimental to our self-acceptance, what negative stories we tell ourselves? What if we exercised our independence over these influences; took our power back?

I am sharing my experiences of finding my voice, changing my inner dialogue and empowering myself and others. I am hoping they will guide you to do the same.

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