At least, that has been my experience…

As a natural seeker, teacher and communicator Gail’s path has been adventurous and atypical. A science education and a start as a healthcare professional, some solo travel, and then a sixteen-year career as a financial markets trader carried her into her mid-forties. During that time, she married and together with her husband built a loving household and active family life with three children and an endless variety of usual and unusual pets. At the age of 44 in what she calls an epiphany of the mind and body, Gail left her senior leadership position in banking and began a career shift to executive coaching.

As a daily writer, a seeker of self-awareness and personal growth, and an avid leadership coach Gail confesses to having evolved through significant shifts in her emotional, intellectual, and spiritual realms.

Through her blog posts, Gail shares her personal experiences, provocative insights, and sage wisdom on all aspects of daily living. Her 20 years of intimate conversations with business leaders combined with her own journey of physical, mental, and emotional recovery gives Gail a unique and holistic perspective on humanity. The intention of E3 musings is to contribute to the well being of individuals and the world we live in.

Lead your own evolution through reading Gail’s weekly reflections on E3 Musings.

Harness your energy. Engage in each precious moment of your life. And feel the power of your body, mind, and spirit.



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