Harness your energy.
Engage in precious moments of your life.
And feel the power of your body, mind and spirit.

At least, that has been my experience…


E3 is an ever-changing collection of personal musings, focusing on the three essential elements of living an intentional and meaningful life. It’s a sharing of life lessons, harnessing focused and positive energy. It’s a series of stories of the challenges and benefits of being mindful and intentional, of being truly engaged in the life you are living. It’s a collage of experiences in finding your voice, speaking your truth and empowering your inner source of wisdom.

Latest from my blog…

Generousity – Feb. 15, 2023 Blog

Generousity – Feb. 15, 2023 Blog

I am reminded of the warning as I critique and measure my physical and emotional investments. I crave connection – will I achieve it through being generous? Will I find it through the generousity of others? For a long time I have been confused by the dynamics and outcomes of acts of giving.

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Breathe – July 26, 2023

Breathe – July 26, 2023

I am reminded that through the practice of yoga I learn patience and the right use of my energy. Through breathwork and meditation I experience silence. I am taught that silence isn’t empty, rather it is full of answers.

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